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Kaushik G, D.P. Huber, C. Cretekos, S. Bearden, B. Finney, & M.A. Thomas. 2016. Psychoactive Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water: Maternal Transfer to Fetal Brains. Biochemistry and Biophysical Research Communications 474: 291-295.

Beal, L., D.P. Huber, S.E. Godsey, S.K. Nawotniak, & K.A. Lohse. 2016. Controls on ecohydrologic properties in desert ecosystems: Differences in soil age and volcanic morphology. Geoderma 271: 32-41.

Marusenko, Y., D.P. Huber, P. Ortiz, & S.J. Hall. 2013. Fungi Mediate Nitrous Oxide Production but not Ammonia Oxidation in Aridland Soils of the Southwestern US. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 63: 24-36.

Sponseller, R., S.J. Hall, D.P. Huber, N.B. Grimm, J. Kaye, C. Clark, & S. Collins. 2012. Variation in Monsoon Precipitation Drives Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Larrea tridentata Growth in the Sonoran Desert. Functional Ecology 26:750-758.

Hall, S.J., R. Sponseller, N.B. Grimm, D. Huber, J. Kaye, C. Clark, & S. Collins. 2011. Ecosystem Response to Nutrient Enrichment in the Sonoran Desert across an Urban Airshed. Ecological Applications 21:640–660.

Hall, S.J., D. Huber, & N.B. Grimm. 2008. Soil N2O and NOx Emissions from an Arid Urban Ecosystem. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences 113:G01016, doi:10.1029/2007 JG000523.

Publications in Revision

Huber, D.P., G. Butters, & L.A. Garcia.  Unreconciled Effects of Salinity on Draining and Wetting Functions in Unsaturated Soils. In revision, Vadose Zone Journal.